Midnight Confession #4: Tenth Grade Book Club


Another installment of my new spoken feature! I feel that I owe apologies for two things this time:

  1. The sound quality. It’s the dishwasher, which I was trying to run before I left for New York. I think there’s a part of me that believes that’s when you’re supposed to run appliances late at night? I was a child of the Flex Your Power movement.

  2. This is more of a Midnight Opinion than a Midnight Confession. It also doesn’t tie in with any catchy ‘60s Sunshine pop songs. (Also, look at this list of Sunshine pop band names! I could feel my insulin spike just reading them.)

All that aside, I stand by this opinion. How bad was that book? So bad that I, a teenager with latent homosexual inclinations who actually went to boarding school, still hated it.

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