Conversations With My Sister #2

May the Schwartz Be With You

ANNA (Pointing at an image in an ad we are passing): What is that?

ME: Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs. The Mel Brooks movie?

ANNA: Oh, yeah! (Laughs.) I liked Spaceballs. I liked it so much more than the other one.

ME: What other one?

ANNA: You know, the other one.

ME: Um… Robin Hood: Men in Tights? Blazing Saddles?

ANNA: No, the ones with space!

ME: Space?

ANNA: The ones it’s based on!

ME (Incredulous): Star Wars?

ANNA: Yeah!

ME (Still incredulous): How did you forget Star Wars?!

ANNA: I just thought it had the word “space” in it!

Stuff I Did This Week: Got to discuss my work on the upcoming podcast radio drama Passenger List! And I also finally got to announce my role as Liv Amara on Big Hero 6: The Series! My first episode comes out September 15th on the Disney Channel!

Fake BBC Show Title of the Week: World’s Wildest Tea Cozies