Midnight Confession #10: So What Difference Does it Make?


It’s time again for an embarrassing story told through audio!

This installment is a demonstration of two of my deepest-held beliefs: the appeal of something dramatic, and over-the-top is universal. Morrissey (unfortunately) filled that void for some of us for a while, with his maudlin silliness, but everybody has some kind of spectacle that they love. It’s musicals for me, but it’s pro-wrestling or heavy metal or breakdancing for someone else. It’s catharsis!

Also, everyone I know entering their thirties is now dealing with some kind of chronic illness or pain. That’s a much more depressing thing to think about, but it’s true, at least amongst my friends. I feel like 30th birthday cards should say “Happy Birthday! Remember to do your physical therapy exercises even on days your back doesn’t hurt!” We laugh because it hurts—literally. Catharsis! (Catharsis! would be a good name for a musical.)

Stuff I Did This Week: Celebrated the release of season two of Big Hero 6: The Series! It’s an awesome, adorable show, and you can watch it on the Disney Channel, DisneyNow, or on Hulu! Playing Liv Amara has been a dream come true: who doesn’t want to grow up to be a Disney Villain?

I also recorded an episode of Mortal Podkast with Ben Mekler, which should be up soon! Fun fact: I have never owned a game console in my life (parents wouldn’t allow it, so PC gaming — and, um, something that rhymes with shmemulators — were more my speed), and Mortal Kombat was completely beyond my ken. We talked about Mortal Kombat lore, which is WAY more in-depth than I thought, but also about musicals.

Speaking of which, I saw LES MISERABLES ON STAGE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Yes, I cried a little. If you’re in LA, it’s playing at the Pantages for the next few weeks, and you should see it! I loved it, and so did Jenny Jaffe, who came with me and has seen it something like ten times, so that says a lot!

Fake BBC Show Title of the Week: Doing Poorly