Midnight Confession #11: The Hostess with Thermos-est


New embarrassing audio story!

Don’t pretend like you weren’t psyched when all those pretty insulated water bottles came out a few years. My brother let me borrow his on a car trip from Pennsylvania to South Carolina for a cousin’s wedding, which was something like nine hours, and my tea stayed hot the whole time! That’s amazing! We also listened to the whole of You Must Remember This’s series on Charles Manson’s Hollywood, which probably says a lot about our family.

OK, maybe you weren’t that psyched when those water bottles came out. You should definitely listen to You Must Remember This, though.

Stuff I Did This Week: You should ALSO listen to the Mortal Podkast episode I did with Ben Mekler!

Fake BBC Show Title of the Week: Flicking the V’s (I just realized this one actually sounds much dirtier in American English)