Midnight Confession #18: Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling


A new installment of my audio series of embarrassing thoughts!

Anyone else have the kind of self-confidence that bounces around like this? It sounds unhealthy, but I think probably a lot of us do this, go from low to high and back again. I figure as long as we can recognize it, and laugh about it, it’s probably fine. I’ve always been of the opinion that you don’t need to be your own best friend, but you do need to be on decent working terms with yourself. You are your own best co-worker.

I really do love Lea Salonga. I love a lot of Broadway actresses, but I think she means a lot to me because of my Filipino stepfamily: she’s considered even more of a national treasure in the Philippines. I found this video of her auditioning for Miss Saigon at 17, and it’s spellbinding. (Anna and I are in a hotel room right now, and she said, “Oh, turn it up! I love this video!”) Yes, I was a child actor, too, but I can’t imagine the kind of talent and drive needed to be that professional a stage actor and singer so young. She has such a pure, beautiful voice. I mean, come on, she’s not just a Disney princess, she’s a Disney princess two times over.

Regarding the title… Get it? Like what my confidence in myself does? Like A Whole New World? Maybe it made more sense in my head. Great, now I’ve lost my confidence again.

Stuff I Did This Week: Came back to the US from London (subscriber post about that incoming!), slept through my jetlag, and then went to New York to meet the winning family of the Matilda 30 Sweepstakes! Anna and I got to have tea with a lovely couple and their two adorable children who’d come to NYC all the way from Essex, UK! It was a true delight.

Fake BBC Show of the Week: Hardboiled, Sweets (How this isn’t a very sexist detective show from the ‘70s about a detective and his femme fatale sidekick “Sweets” is beyond me. Maybe that’s more of an American thing?)