Midnight Confession #8: Supertaster Sling


Hello! Here is another embarrassing story, told out loud!

You have to keep in mind this was 2009 or 2010, when the obnoxious hipper-than-thou craft beer and hard liquor culture was huge in the East Village and Brooklyn. It was cool to be a food or alcohol snob. Unless you wanted to enjoy something ironically (remember when Pabst Blue Ribbon was a hipster staple?) you were going to be judged for your tastes. And I was.

I don’t drink much at all anymore — it messes with my already messed-up blood pressure — but I have sort of acclimated myself to particular tastes in the past few years. Now I love dark chocolate, I like cooked kale and miso soup, and I can tolerate arugula and coffee. I can even stand the tiniest bit of cilantro! Maybe some of my extra tastebuds have been killed off? If they have, I couldn’t be happier about it.

I just got back from the Midwest, and will be posting later this week about some weird happenings I experienced there. It is likely to be a Subscribers Only post, though. So, you know what that means!

Fake BBC Show Title of the Week: Into the Cooker With It! (Synopsis: a cooking show done in less than twenty minutes)