Things I Wanted to Tweet About Watchmen But Didn’t

In the same vein as my prior post about Succession, here are tweets about a show I watched long after everyone else did! Spoilers abound, so watch this show first before you read these.

  • I never learned about this in history class.

  • Yes, I’m sure your identity will stay secret, Red Scare, the one guy with a Russian accent in Tulsa.

  • Everybody’s sure looking at and talking about clocks a lot.

  • It’s been a while since I read the book, but I guess the whole world came together to battle this giant alien squid, but didn’t ever find out where it was from, or what really happened, and just kind of got over it? Just… stayed good friends after not being able to figure out where it was from?

  • Maybe the real giant alien squid was the friends we made along the way!

  • I’m going to go ahead and add this to the list of shows I should not watch while eating.

  • Is Jeremy Irons Adrian Veidt? I think he’s Veidt, but we are probably supposed to believe that he is, so I’m guessing he’s someone else.

  • (He’s Veidt.)

  • How old were these kids when Angela adopted them? (I’m 32 and I kind of want Regina King to adopt me.)

  • Angela’s grandfather is in and out of the wheelchair, which might be a plot point? But from what I know, can actually pretty typical of some wheelchair users.

  • I still can’t believe Alan Moore thought people would identify with Dan. The out of shape, impotent one, who likes birdwatching? No, we, the general public, are Dan. That’s why we don’t want to identify with him! Everyone wants to be a badass. (Why people see Rorschach as a badass is beyond me, though.)

  • I hope that Cal and Angela can have a normal, healthy marriage. I know that’s expecting too much, though. I do hope they at least get to have sex to completion once in a while.

  • Cal’s explanation of death was kind of brutal, but what was more jarring was the kids’ complete non-reactions to it. Their dad just told them there’s nothing after death, and all they can think about is waffles.

  • Laurie! You’re here! And appropriately gruff and grumpy.

  • Laurie is going by her long-hated dead nihilist rapist father’s surname… why?

  • Is… is Dan a bird?

  • There seems to be an older woman/younger man psychosexual thing in every cable drama show these days. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

  • Someone told me the Dr. Manhattan-esque sex toy was going to be better explained and not just kind of a one-off joke.


  • Everybody is still talking about watches and clocks, good lord. At this point I’m surprised the musical they watched was Oklahoma! and not Tick, Tick… Boom!

  • Excuse me while I engage in the one bit of woo/psychobabble I believe in: Wade is such an Enneagram 6.

  • June is a great character and I would watch a whole show about her. And while I honestly feel bad for her, I am kind of glad that the first superhero is bisexual.

  • “I hope Angela and Cal can have a normal, healthy marriage” — WELL THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN

  • Lady Trieu is my age and she’s cloned her own mom, what the hell have I done with my life

  • James Wolk really knows how to work that smarmy smile, doesn’t he?

  • HAAAAAAA James Wolk is actually Jewish in real life! I love when they get Jewish actors to play Nazis. I mean, aside from James Wolk, I can only think of Mel Brooks and Taika Waititi, but I’d love for this to happen more often.

  • I still prefer Lady Trieu to Elon Musk.

  • I’m still waiting for more of an explanation on the Dr. Manhattan dildo.

  • Please just put Regina King in everything.

  • Well, all jokes aside, I really enjoyed that! I hope the actual Robert Redford will agree to appear in the next season.

Stuff I Did This Week: I forgot to post about my (and Anna’s) second appearance on The Diaper, Melissa Strype’s comedy webseries/ongoing experimental film about sisters. Last time we were the rivals for their parts, and this time, we’re their clients! Watch it! This is good crap.

Fake BBC Show of the Week: Rounders is Different To Cricket (something I just learned today)