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Hi, I’m Mara! It doesn’t rhyme with Sarah.

I’m a writer and performer who spent my childhood acting in movies beloved by adorably bookish little girls and adorably bookish grown-up librarians. I was also on that one really sad episode of Broad City and several very sad but also funny episodes of BoJack Horseman and Welcome to Night Vale. And I’m a tall hot blonde billionaire genius on Big Hero 6, because animation makes dreams come true.

Mostly, though, I tell stories and write! My first book, Where Am I Now? was published in 2016, and named a best book of the month by Entertainment Weekly and Goodreads, and a best book of the year by NPR and The A.V. Club. My play Sheeple premiered at the New York International Fringe Festival, and my writing has appeared on Elle.com, McSweeney’s, The New York Times, Reductress, VanityFair.com, The Daily Beast, Jezebel, Cracked, Talkhouse Film, The Toast, and now here!

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Let me go full Drama Nerd and put it this way: back in theater school, every actor I knew agreed that while they would need to think before appearing nude on film or television, they would not hesitate to do it on stage. Why? Because there’s something special, even sacred, about a connection with an audience. There’s a trust there, and ideally, a mutual respect. You don’t know who your audience is when you put something onto film, but when they’re in the room with you, you can feel it.

If you’re part of an audience, there’s a communion you have with other members of the audience, and an intimacy with whoever’s performing. No, I’m probably not going to get nude in front of you, but there is a lot that I’m willing to share when I know people want to be shared with. I can get experimental and vulnerable and goofy, and maybe, so can you. If that sounds good, grab a seat and we’ll put on a show.

(Look, I told you I was a Drama Nerd.)

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