Remembering Pat Carroll

April 2022

Midnight Confessions #38: Planet of the CockatoosListen now (1 min) | On Terrifying Animals

December 2021

Last month I watched Funny Girl for the first time. At least, I think it was the first time. I must have seen it as a child. My mom was a big Barbra…

November 2021

"What's This?" Edition

September 2021

That’s a lie. One of them I did tweet. It was the most important one, about Sam Shultz. As soon as he appeared, I turned to Anna and said “I know this…

August 2021

Midnight Confession #37: You Have To Understand the Way I Am, Mein HerrListen now (27 sec) | Another installment of my audio stories! Fosse is probably my ultimate problematic fave. He was self-destructive in almost every…
Or, The One Thing That Ruins a Movie

July 2021

Sarah Kane did not say this. I found this quote while trying to look up a quote I remembered from theater school, which I somehow associated with Sarah…

June 2021

Midnight Confessions #36: Baby IshListen now (45 sec) | Another installment of my embarrassing stories, told through audio. One of the girls I used to nanny for graduated from college…

April 2021

Midnight Confession #35: Class Villains and Mr. ParkerListen now (1 min) | Another installment of my anecdotes told aurally! My friends Anna Drezen and Andrew Farmer talked about the concept of the “Party…
Or, Why Does This Night Suck More Than Any Other Night?

March 2021

Midnight Confession #34: Peer EarsListen now (36 sec) | Another installment of my embarrassing stories, told through audio! Probably the day that I noticed something was up was when we…